[Steppes] Finally, a re-publication of a rare source for Cooks

alkudsi at aol.com alkudsi at aol.com
Tue Dec 5 10:58:16 PST 2006

Today a friend passed along the following liink to Amazon:
This is a re-publication of some of the most basic and hard to find of the Middle Eastern/Arabic cookbooks I use as a resource in my ME cooking, along with some of the papers written by the people who did the initial translations and additional recipes published through Petit Propos Culinaire, a cooking periodical published in England.  
This is a major WAHOO from me, as previously you had to rely on either Master Cariodoc's complilation of cookbooks or the option of reordering the original Petit Propos publication to get these.  
Those who have asked for recipes from me over the years for dishes that have done in competitions, etc., here is your chance to get the entire cookbook!
I would appreciate it if someone would publish this to the main Anteorran list (the last time I tried, it never was published) and to the Middle Eastern list.
HL Saqra al-Kudsi
(busily adding this to my Amazon Wish list!)
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