[Steppes] 12th Night Documantary Update

Martin Catt mlc12th at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 9 21:25:58 PST 2006

First off, I'd like to apologize for apparently dropping off the face of the 
earth for the last week or so. I've switched ISP's and spent about a week 
without either email or internet access. I'm connected once more, as you can 

The call is still out for costumers willing to let their efforts be 
documented as they finish up garb. Several people have contacted me already, 
and I should be getting in touch with you in a few days. I do understand 
this is the busy time of year, and I appreciate your willingness to allow me 
to intrude.

If you're producing a special work for 12th night, I'd be interested in 
documenting its progress. All projects will be kept confidential in case it 
is a surprise.

I'm interested in covering the merchants as well as they prepare, set up, 
and, well, merchant at the vent. I'm looking for as much material to cover 
to be in the enviable position of having too much footage, rather than 
having to stretch what I've got.

So far the response and support has been extremely gratifying and touching. 
I just hope I can do the subject justice.

(mka Martin Catt)

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