[Steppes] Please be considerate and edit your posts.

dsmallory at waymark.net dsmallory at waymark.net
Mon Dec 11 12:58:25 PST 2006

Please, everyone, be considerate of those of us who subscribe to this list
in digest form and edit your posts.  If you are asking a question of a
person who has previously posted, remove the previous post (or as much as
you can) before you hit the send button.  

Steppes Digest, Vol 152, Issue 2 contained four complete copies of the
lengthy, but easy to understand directions, Alsdair posted for December
populace.  Good 'netiquette' doesn't take long, but it makes keeping
up-to-date for those of us who don't have a lot of time much easier.  So,
please delete the previous posts before you hit the send button.

Thank you for your considerataion,

Anne the Spinster 

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