[Steppes] 12th Night Meeting

Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Mon Dec 25 08:39:58 PST 2006

This Friday, at my new home, 7:00. Bring side items that got well with
burgers. Drinks would be nice too.

Out house is in Cross Oaks. 8920 Yosemite, in Cross Oaks Ranch development.
The easiest way from Dallas to get here is go straight up Josey Ave until
you get to the light at 720. Turn left and follow it around to the right,
across the lake, and on the left hand side just before you hit 380 is our
development. Once inside, go straight till it T-bones, turn left, and left
again on Yosemite. We're on the right near the end. Expect a lot of backed
up traffic on Josey as it narrows to one lane for some unexplained reason.

>From Denton, take 380 to 720, turn right, development's on the right.

>From other points in Dallas, 75 intersects 380 in McKinney, and several
other roads hit 380, like Preston and Coit.

Anyone who's helping me please let me know what it is you're doing, what's
done, and what else needs done. Anyone who can't make it, please email me
before hand and tell me what's going on so I can let everyone else know.

Thanks again to everyone, see you there!


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