[Steppes] [Elfsea] Lindenwood's <FREE>Yule Revel today!

Vicki Marsh vmarsh at twmarsh.net
Sat Dec 30 10:38:29 PST 2006

Did we mention that it's FREE!!! No gate fee, no NMS, nada...

Looking for something to do? Spent all your money on beer and pretzels? Come
relax with us. Bring your projects to work on, or start a new one! Bring
your dance music and a partner because we have lots of floor space. Bring
your pretzels, but leave the beer at home - it's a dry site.

Here is a better map.

Shady Grove does go through to MacArthur, even though the map doesn't
reflect it.

Site opens at 1 pm. See you there!


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Greetings from the Canton of Lindenwood!!

We would like to invite one and all to our yearly Yule Revel to be held
December 30th at the Senter East building in Irving (same site as
Believe It or Not and Queen's Champion)!


We have many things planned for the afternoon and evening activities...

*Potluck dinner -- Turkey and Ham provided by the Canton of Lindenwood.
We need desserts, sides, en treas, etc. Please be sure your recipe will
serve at least 8.
*Glassware painting -- bring your glassware you would like to paint and
make yourself a one of a kind table setting!

*Games -- Kingmaster! Chess! If you have games you would like to bring
please let me know and I will make space.

*Chinese gift exchange

Last year, we all had so much fun last year and I am sure we are going
to have even more fun this year!


1:00 -- Doors open
5:00 -- Potluck begins
6:00 -- Gift exchange
10:00 -- Site closes and we all go home with smiles on our faces and
memories that will last a lifetime

Please remember this is a FREE and garbed event!

In Service,
Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca
Event Steward for Lindenwood's Yule Revel
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