[Steppes] Class Demo 11/12/09 @ 7pm

Fiona the Needleworker danab-steppes at tx.rr.com
Thu Oct 15 18:18:56 PDT 2009

We're going to get about 45 minutes to do the class Demo that night.  
We're going to get the beginning of class. I've heard from a few  
people and will be touching base with them some more shortly. I'd love  
to get some others involved as well if possible. If you're willing/ 
able/interested in coming out on that Thursday night to help us with  
the class demo. I'm thinking C&I stuff, costumes, the pewter casting,  
maybe something food wise if it's easy enough to make. I'll help in  
the making of it!

Fiona the Needleworker
mka Dana Busenbark

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