[Steppes] OT: artists and merchants possibly interested in CHEAP retail space

Annwn Shona lady.annwn at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 15:23:06 PDT 2009

I apologize for taking up bandwith on something like this, so utterly
off-topic; however, I thought who else to bring an opportunity like this to
than my friends in the SCA.

As many of you know I have a lovely budding cake business. Well, along the
way I have been fortunate to meet very amazing people. One of those people
has a clothing like that they have decided they want to get out of their
home and have a retail space.
It's not a huge space, but enough for me to have a consultation area for
meeting cake clients and such, and space for Megan to have room for her
We are looking for a third person wanting to share space/cost as well.

I thought this would be ideal for those of you that do pottery or
jewlry...heck, even canvas art or whatnot. Depending on how much space you
want/need, the rent would be between $75-150 a month. Period. No other costs
other than whatever display things you want to buy and use for your product.
But again let me stress it is a small space. (not miniscule, but small)

The space is 700sq ft., and as I said, depending on how much space you
need/want will dertermine how much you would pay a month.
This would be purely business, and I want to stress that. There will be
contracts, etc. That way none of us are stuck holding the bag for the other.
We are anticipating signing a 6 month lease to start. To gague how well
business will do in this location, and to see if we can move up to a larger
space after that. So basically this is a trial run, but only to see if we
stay small longer, or can move up and get bigger.

The space is in a very safe area in North Dallas (Preston and George Bush).

There will constantly be someone in the shop, so if you do pottery or jewlry
or whatever, and can only be in the shop one day a week or only two days a
week, and after 5pm, that is cool. We can handle sales so long as you
understand we can't field questions about your work, and will always refer
them to you as your hours deem, or contact you the way you want.

Please feel free to contact me about this opportunity ASAP. I would much
rather extend this opportunity to a friend than someone we don't know.

-Lady Annwn
(-Shona Haskins)
shonao at gmail.com

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