[Steppes] archery practice 11-1-09

Karen Calhoun KMCalhou at garlandisd.net
Thu Oct 29 06:00:20 PDT 2009

November is looking to be a fabulous month for archery.  On Sat Oct 31, HL Ironwyrm's Great Pumpkin shoot in Midlothian will be a full day (and part of the night) of archery including some combat practice.  The highlight of the day (and night) is the after-dark pumpkin shoot.  Bring your worst arrows and bolts as we lose several due to melting and fire.  Come and see what you've been missing.
Our regularly scheduled practice on Sun Nov 1 has been moved to Nov 8.  We decided to move it to the following week so that you don't get overdosed on archery the first weekend only to hit a dry spell until the middle of the month.
To recap:
Great pumpkin shoot:  Sat Oct 31
Practice:  Nov 8
Practice:  Nov 15
See you there.
Steppes Deputy Archery Marshal

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