[Steppes] Elfsea Fall Harvest

William Black Dragon ironwyrm at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 15 18:57:14 PDT 2009

Hey, don't bring me into this!  I just make the weapons, what they do 
with them after they leave my workshop is not my responsibility(if ya 
don't already know the wicked grin goes right here)!
Happy hunting!

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Shouldn't that be "Wil, the Steppes' biggest ANTAGONIST to peace?"

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Uh oh.  The Baron and Baroness of Elfsea have hijacked The Baroness of the
Steppeses'ss email account to send out this invitation.  This, people, is
the first stage of Elfsea's plan to invade the Steppes, as I have been
trying to convince you people for years.  They are out to get us!!!

Until we get our troops rallies and our plans made, keep quiet about this.
Go to the event and be peaceful and friendly so they will never expect our
army as they cross the great wastes that separate Dallas and Ft. Worth!

To arms!!!

Will, the Steppes' answer to peace.

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