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Thank you for providing more information about fighting at demos. What Will said is still correct, however. Any fighters without blue cards at demos must sign waivers. What we didn't address is the Marshal's involvement. Thanks for providing that.

So please review the following information before setting up or requesting a demo:

If you want Steppes to support a demo that doesn't involve fighting of any kind only demonstrations of A&S and people there to help recruit, you
need to email the Seneschal, Hospitaler, and the Baroness. For these
kinds of demos, we would like to have at least 2-3 weeks notice to ensure we have the support necessary to fulfill the demo requirements. If we cannot get people to participate, we will not be able to support the demo. 

If you want Steppes to support a demo thatincludes heavy or light fighting you must email the Seneschal, Hospitaler, Baroness, and the Knight and/or Rapier Marshals (depending on the type of fighting to be demonstrated). For this kind of demo, we need at least 30 days notice.
Marshals will run the fighting demonstration and ensure that all
society and kingdom laws are followed. Also, you must have a
marshal-in-charge for each type of fighting. For example, the Knight
Marshal cannot oversee a rapier fighting demo (and vice versa). Also,
fighters must be authorized in the type of fighting they intend to
demonstrate. Any fighters without blue cards must sign waivers which
will be provided to the Seneschal for submission to the Kingdom Waiver
Secretary. The current Baronial Marshals will either attend or appoint
a Marshal who will be responsible for the demo. If no Marshal is
available, no fighting will take place at the demo.

Emails for these officers can be found at: www.steppes.org

want to make it clear that I am not trying to discourage demos or
fighting at demos. I'm hoping that these guidelines provide the

	* Ensure that the people who are responsible for Kingdom Law in the Barony are notified and aware of the demo taking place.
	* Ensure
we have enough people to support a demo and make it a success - which
should help with recruitment or education of a specific group, i.e. a
school or library.
	* Ensure that the Marshals have enough time to
prepare for a demo with fighting, find people to participate, and
ensure that all of the laws regarding fighting put forth by the
Society/Kingdom are followed. Since these rules are numerous and very
important, we want to make sure we have the time to organize this
properly and that the Marshalate is involved at all times.
	* Ensure that any required waivers are signed and delivered to the Kingdom Waiver Secretary in a timely fashion.
Thanks to Will and to Michael for helping me with this. I will post this to the Newsletter next month and create a PDF file to post to the Web. If you have
questions, please contact Will Meriic, our Hospitaler, or me. Also, if
you already know of any demos that you think we might want to conduct
in 2010, please send that information to the Hospitaler now, and we
will get a "demo calendar" created.

Best Regards,
Susanna, Steppes Seneschal

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A two major errors concerning fighting at a demo needs to be corrected.

>From the Society level Seneschal handbook - kingdoms can add additional requirements, but can not lessen the requirements.

"IV. As with all martial activities, an authorized marshal of whatever forms are being displayed must be present if there is there is fighting at a demo. SCA combatants must be authorized in that weapons' form/style in order to perform at the demo."

Reference site location:


Which means that there needs to be a Marshal-in-Charge (MIC) of the martial activities that will be displayed at said demo. This needs to be announced in advance to eliminate any doubts about who is in charge of the martial aspects at a demo and have one individual who  will be responsible for the martial activity that is being display. If there is no MIC, then there is huge gray area and leaving no one with final decision making authority.

Usually this means that the local Knight Marshal needs to be directly involved, either as being the MIC or he/she needs to appoint an authorized marshal to be the MIC for the demo. This could be their deputy or someone else, as long as that individual is an authorized marshal for that martial activity.

Second, the individual fighters or combatants must be authorized in that weapon form, in other words - a heavy fighter should not and can not decide to do light nor should a light fighter attempt heavy on a whim.

Michael Kettering

William Meriic wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Between here and Elfsea, we have several demos getting ready to run.  As
> such, I would like to submit this information as a reminder to anyone
> interested in hosting a demo of their own.
> Demos are much easier to run than events, but there still is a little red
> tape that must be cut through.
> The _most_ important thing you must do is contact the Baronial Hospitaler,
> Baronial Seneschal, and the Baronial Baroness and tell them what you are
> planning.  A demo cannot be considered sponsored by the SCA without approval
> from the Seneschal.  Furthermore, this step will give us an opportunity to
> provide you with instructions on and assistance with the remaining red tape.
> During the demo, it is mandatory that all fighters without waivers on file
> (blue cards), sign waivers, which we can provide you when you contact us
> (above).  These waivers need to be given to the Seneschal by the end of the
> month.  You can give them to the Hospitaler as well.
> All official handouts must be kingdom approved.  The good news is that we
> have a bunch of pre-made handouts on the kingdom site:
> http://hospitaler.ansteorra.org//index.php?option=com_content
> <http://hospitaler.ansteorra.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1
> 3&Itemid=28> &task=view&id=13&Itemid=28
> Finally, after your demo, submit a short report to the Hospitaler.  Include
> the basics like where, when, how long, how many came to play, how many were
> interested.  You are also welcome to pass on the contact information that
> you collected from interested parties.  He will be happy to follow up on
> your behalf.
> That's it.  As you can see, it is quite easy.  So, if you are interested in
> running a demo, contact me and we will help you get started.
> Will Meriic
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