[Steppes] Arlington Library Medieval Days Demo - TRAVEL UPDATE

glen wilkerson gdwilkerson at earthlink.net
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As of yesterday, both exits to Center Street off of I-30 are open.  So unless something changes in the next week, if you are coming from Dallas or Fort Worth on I-30, take the Center Street exit and go south directly to the entrance to the library parking lot.  If you are coming from elswhere points north or south, take 360 from I-20 or Airport Freeway and Abrams west to the library.

Don Alaric
PS - We still need fighters of both styles, all are invited. 
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It's two and a half weeks until the demo, I thought I would go ahead and get a start on finding out who can come out and participate.  All are invited; fighters, artists, bards, everyone...
By the way, in addition to the large stage in the downstairs community room there is also a small "storytime" stage in the children's area on the first floor.
>I have heard from the library and the downstairs community room is confirmed reserved for our use. This is a large room with a stage at the back and the one in which I have been having the occasional combined baronial indoor rapier practices. I originally thought of reserving it for the fighters in case of inclement weather, but the space is also excellent for bardic performances, musical performances, dance displays, etc. 
>So, to all the bards, musicians, dancers - if the weather is nice and the fighters are all outside... 
>>The next annual Medieval Days Demo at the Central Branch of the Arlington Public Library will be Saturday, October 31. The library hours are from 9 to 6, so I expect the demo will run from 10ish to 5ish. 
>>Artisans, please come and display and demonstrate your crafts. 
>>Fighters, consider this an opportuity for an all day fighter practice. I have reserved the downstairs community room so that we may fight indoors if the weather is inclement. 
>>Musicians and dancers, come and play, sing, and demonstrate your art. 
>>This is now Elfsea's largest, and longest running annual demo. Please come and help make it another success, as it has been for several years now. 
>>Thank you. 
>>Don Alaric Greythorne

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