[Steppes] It's The Great Jack-O-Lantern Shoot!!

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Our Great Jack-O-Lantern Shoot is just three days away!  The weather 
is predicted to be perfect for Saturday so it appears we are good to go!  
Just a couple of updates;  First, our hostess  has requested that you use 
her cell phone number if lost, 469-939-6000.  Second, I wished to remind 
folks planning to participate in the Jack-O-Lantern Shoot to be sure to plan 
to use your old bolts & arrows for the contest.  Targeting lit candles can 
seriously damage your missiles so use something that you won't care if it 
happens to go up in smoke!  Last, an update  for the directions...
- Make your way to HWY 67 south,
- exit 287 east & follow to exit 14, 
- turn right(south) on to 663,
- follow 663 until it "T's" at 875,
- turn right(west) onto 875,
- turn right(north) at Vista View,
- follow Vista View to Vista Ridge,
- It's the two story house you're 
  facing (1361 Vista Ridge) with the 
  big blue water tower behind it.  
Looking forward to another Great Jack-O-Lantern Shoot again this 
year!  Hope to see you there!

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It's The Great Jack-O-Lantern Shoot!!
Saturday 3PM October 31, 2009
As our days grow short and the shadows longer, there's the hint of chill 
in the blowing wind, dogs howl at the rising moon, grim faced gourds 
with dimly lit features quietly watch & wait from the darkness.  Soon, 
very soon they shall answer Stingy Jack's call!
The grimacing ugly-faced Jack-O-Lanterns of the season are not some 
thing to be welcome,  but are instead something we should be prepared 
to defend ourselves against!  
The tradition of carving Jack-O-Lanterns dates back to ancient times 
when people believed evil spirits roamed the earth and returned to 
their homes & familiar places with the the onset winter.  An Irish legend 
tells of a rude & abrasive man named jack whom upon his death was 
neither welcomed in heaven nor hell.  "Stingy Jack" had even played 
tricks upon the devil himself!  Not even welcome in Purgatory, Jack was 
destined to haunt the earthly world.  He carried a lantern and came to 
represent the lost souls trying to escape the forthcoming winter.  
At the end of harvest, the Halloween celebration represents the time 
when things began to wither & die with the onset of winter before life 
returns the earth to bloom in spring.  The Jack-O-Lantern is associated 
with those dead whom have returned to haunt the earth through winter 
carrying lanterns.  Local folklore often tells of dark figures holding 
lanterns making their way along highways, railroads and waterways.  
In the legends, the source of the eerie lights can never be found.  
Our Steppes Archers wish to invite our fellow members of the Barony 
of the Steppes and other friends to a gathering in celebration of the 
harvest season and "all things pumpkin" in a pumpkin themed afternoon 
and evening of contests, games and fun defending our lands from 
wandering spirits with a dusk to dark Jack-O-Lantern Shoot.  
You are all invited to Southern Steppes at the home of HL Donnel & 
Lord Alvin at 1361 Vista Ridge, Midlothian, TX 76065, to help defend 
against "Stingy Jack" and his glowing faced minions.  I'm sure a few 
well placed shots can snuff out Jack's lanterns and help to keep him at 
bay for yet another year!
This is a non-SCA private party, costuming is encouraged (Halloween or 
medieval) but not required.  Also it's a family oriented party so please keep 
that in mind.  We do plan games & contests just for fun prior to our Jack-O
-Lantern Shoot.  Bring your archery gear should you wish to compete in the 
tournament and we'll start just before dark.  We will enjoy a variety of inventive 
pumpkin themed foods and deserts for our pot luck (pray keep in mind our 
host Lord Alvin's peanut allergy when preparing your dishes or treats).  
And yes the overwhelmingly popular combat missile pinata shoot will be 
included again in this year's list of activities.  As well as a new table top 
marshmallow combat tournament for our little feast crossbow contest this 
year!  If it works well (and it did at "Three Queens") we may incorporate it
into the annual table top siege & feast crossbow tournament held during 
our 12th Night Celebration.
RSVP is not strictly necessary but is appreciated so we know approximately 
how many to plan for.  Guests are welcome, we just ask you bring something 
to share with everyone for our pot luck, again pumpkin dishes & treats are 
encouraged as the theme, and whatever you wish to drink.  
Please note - Our hosts request that you do not park in the access driveway 
for the water tower on the west side of the house and don't forget your camp 
chairs & mugs.  
3 PM  Activities starts with pumpkin carving.
4 PM  Mini-crossbow combat competition.
5 PM  Combat missile pinata shoot.
6 PM  Pot luck dinner.
7 PM  Jack-O-Lantern shoot.  
8 PM  Pumpkin themed deserts
(times are just estimated, activities might run longer than allotted time to 
So pray come join our Steppes Archers for our Halloween celebration 
in Southern Steppes on Saturday Oct. 31st.  Help us drive "Stingy Jack" 
back into the darkness with good spirits, good company, good food and 
an array of stinging feathered missiles to send him on his way!  
HL William Black Dragon, aka Ironwyrm or Willie (duwr)
Directions - make your way to HWY 67 south,
- turn left (that's east) on 287,
- turn right (south) at 9th/663 (between the RR tracks & CVS),
- follow 663 until it "T's" at 875,
- turn right (west) onto 875,
- turn right (north) at Vista View the second right,
- follow Vista View to Vista Ridge,  
- it's the two-story house you're facing (1361 Vista Ridge)
- if lost call 972-723-5126
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