[Steppes] Periodic List Rules Reminder

steppes-owner at lists.ansteorra.org steppes-owner at lists.ansteorra.org
Mon Nov 30 21:10:17 PST 2020


This is a periodic reminder of the list "rules" that you should have
gotten when you first signed on th o the list.  if you have any
questions about them please let us know.

-- List Admin Team



1) Please set your screen edit width to 80 characters to keep the
digest as small as possible and not taking up more bandwidth than

2) Please be careful not to quote too much of someone's message in
your reply. It will bounce. Quote only that which is significant.

3) If you must argue something as insignificant as some one's attitude
or use distasteful language take it to private email. This list is for
announcements/discussion about the Steppes.

4) Do not post private emails to this list.

5) Do not cross post from another lists unless it is Steppes business
or Steppes news. This is in consideration of digest users who cannot
selectively delete messages.

6) No spams.

7) No me toos.  It's great to agree with someone but please don't
clutter up the list with posts that say "me too" or it's equivalent.

8) Do not send virus warnings or hoax warnings to this list.

9) When emailing multiple lists please place them in the BCC field. 
This will help keep them from being pended for moderator approval.

10) Ignoring direct warnings about the above rules more than two times
will cause removal from the list.

Other helpful hints:
Sign your emails.
Do not send attachments to the list, most will bounce.
You have a complaint about a user, email me
(steppes-owner at ansteorra.org).
The delete button is a wonderful thing.

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