[Tempio] FW: A new auction site for reenactors

Chris Lastovica chrisl at vvm.com
Tue Sep 2 08:23:06 PDT 2003

This Look neat but the site will not open until September 5.  So check
it out.
Lord Gavin

Subject: A new auction site for reenactors
Hello Fellow Reenactors, King And Queens, Lords and Ladies, Knights and
I would like to invite you to take a look at my new Internet auction
site that is dedicated to Reenacting. If you like what you see, I ask
that your forward to your subjects. 
There is a category just for you at:
Many years ago, when I was but a whelp, I got involved with the SCA. One
of the hardest times I had was finding armor and other things that I was
not talented enough to make. Sadly Al Gore had not invented the internet
by then so I was at a loss. But I know there are artisans, musicians,
potters, and armor smiths out there. There are also those who wish to
buy new equipment and clothing ,but need to sell the old first. That is
why I created www.Reenactorstuff.com <http://www.reenactorstuff.com/>  .
So these people can find each other.
www.Reenactorstuff.com is an inexpensive way to sell what you don't
need, and find what you do. It will be a great resource for helping
those new to the hobby get started at a fraction of the normal cost.
I hope the site is as useful to you as I intend it to be. Go take a look
and register. It is easy and free.
The site will open for auctions on Friday, September 5, 2003.
Best wishes
Jonathan Krieger
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