[Tempio] ISO Christine/Renee

Christine Grosvenor rs_teke at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 20:32:30 PST 2004

well, my home number is in the dreamspinner, but its
899-1273.  Unfortunately as of this morning my sister
is in the hospital, so now i'm stuck at her house
babysitting and cant work on anything for the event
until my brother in law has a day off.  But I just
wanted to get together at some point and work with you
on the event ad for the blackstar, since the deadline
for that is coming up quick.  If i miss this deadline,
we're fucked.  Of course we're probably fucked anyway,
but as i see it we need to make sure none of that
falls on US.  But anyway, Thom told me we were invited
for dinner tomorrow night, and i should be able to
still make it when my mom can take over my current
duty.  We can talk about it then.  If you need to get
ahold of me you can call me at my sisters at 773-9392,
nobody here minds me getting calls.  Just make sure
you say who you are, since i have creditors out after
me.  Anyway, if all goes well, i should see you


--- rachel luce <rachel_luce1975 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Christine-
>             I got your mesage on my voicemail but
> you didn't leave a number. I'm at Paul's now and not
> going anywhere  for the rest of the evening. If you
> want to call go right ahead. I'm going to the
> archives ...I remember you posting phone numbers not
> too long ago.
>                                          Rachel

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