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Netta Jackson netta1951 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 16:35:31 PST 2004

hi folks, this is Netta, just to let you know life is temp. biting us in the ______.
seems that Sunday,I took Brandi to Killeen, and came straight home. filled the car with gas, pulled into the drive way and had not been in house 5 minutes, when heard a car alarm go off .  wnet to investigate and come to find out the car is on fire. yaephs!!
calle fire dept as hood release would not work.  they finallly got is out so now my car is back in shop.  meche. says the wiring can be replaced IF he can find parts,  Car is/was a 77.  So we are trying to work 2 jobs at 2 seperate times with one vehicle.   Its a challenge==again.  Rod and I are afraid to ask what next as each time we do... something else goes wrong.
Exp;  2 weeks ago.   Meriah went into labor on Sunday.. they sent her home   .. back monday.   Wed.  I found out my Mom was put into hosp with poss heart problems.. and Meriah released from hosp. next day I took her back for 2 IV because her heart rate was too fast.. ?? Do I sstay with her and help with new baby or ordo I drive and check on Mom at Hosp.  can't be in 2 part of state at same time.  Good thing I stayed her , otherwise car could have caught fire in Abilene 400 miles beween .  Mom is ok and found out problem .. they should be able to fixx with medication.  
everyone is doing fine now.  thanks goodness.  needless to say we ar trying to keep a low profile
say HELP need to pick your brain.  I have started a pomagranate (sp) cordial.  Its been
"cooking for about a month.  Fruit and Gin, I have shaken it every day.  now what.  All Rod says is ASK DRAVEN>
Lady Liadain ingen Brignagh <ladyliadainib at yahoo.com> wrote:
Yep, heh heh heh, what he said, only better!  Hey Rod, how is life? Big hugs to pass along.  Let us know you are still okay will you? We worry.  (((((((((HUGS)))))))))

"Love is not love that alters when it alterations finds,
or bends with the remover to remove"

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