[Tempio] Pomegranate Cordial

Lady Liadain ingen Brignagh ladyliadainib at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 07:03:42 PST 2004

Okay Netta, I let mine soak for about a month, but I'm fussy that way. Take cheesecloth and strain all the yucky bits out, the more you strain it the more you get out. What I did was take all the seeds that had been floating in there and wrung them out back into the mixture. If you do it right you can feel all the little seeds popping.  I did this until they were all popped.  Then I strained one last time. After that, add a simple syrup, (sugar and water)  and then you should have a drinkable cordial.  Add more or less syrup to taste. I am not sure how it will turn out with gin, never having used it before. I would be interested in a taste though to see how it differs from vodka.  
Also, remember, if you need to use the van it is there for you to do so. We have a second vehicle now but we still understand the whole one vehicle thing. Let us know, okay?

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