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Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 15 10:06:39 PDT 2005

Oh and it would probably be a good idea to invite
close shires to attend if they's like..


--- Connor Ivorson <connor-ivorson at hot.rr.com> wrote:

  Have we given any thought on part of our display
being a sort of "minitourney" as we've been talking
about doing on our own?  I think thatwould also give
us a larger presence at the Faire.

That way, too, we've have access to members of other
groups in the area(Middleford, Emerald Keep, Bryn
Gwlad, etc.) and they could advertiseto visitors from
their areas.

Tressa wrote:  
Greetings everyone,Please see forwarded email
below:The Tablerock people would be very excited to
have usdo a demo at their event. September 17-18I know
a couple of people have volunteered already,but I
really need to know who would like toparticipate.The
coordinator would love to have some A&S displays.What
we'll have will depend on what kind of showing wecan
do.Please let me know soon, so we can put this
thingtogether and hopefully get some great local
publicrelations.The faire is located in Salado, which
is a couple ofmiles south of Belton on IH 35.  The
Tablerock peoplealso do lots of theatre and plays
during the year.It's the place where the Legends of
Salado is done. I'll get more specific information
from them asdirections, times etc. when I email her
back with whatwe can do.Thanks
everybody,Tressa............. I am very glad to hear
from you Tracie! I have alwayswanted to have a SCA
presence at TFF and thoughseveral indivuals have
participated we just haven'tbeen able to get things in
sync.  We are up to as much or as little as you have
thevolunteers to handle. We have a very flexible site
andwe can discuss specifics. Camping is limited
butavaliable on site so I do need to know numbers
thatwill be participating and I will send an
informationpacket for each person to register.  We can
discuss specifics on the battle, space you needetc.
What do you have in mind? The arts and sciences
displays are always a favoriteof mine. I would love to
hear what you have in mindfor that arena as well. 
Stephanie HoodDirector, Tablerock Fantasy
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