[Tir-Medoin] Re: Tir-Medoin Digest, Vol 27, Issue 8

Skye Dreamsinger skyeds at tex1.net
Tue Aug 16 10:47:09 PDT 2005

>To answer Connor's questions from my experience:
>Usually from what I've read and talked to people
>about.  Fighting at demos is basically "flash and
>bang", a tourney form performance geared to creating a
>dramatic effect.  It's not really a serious tourney,
>it's dramatic, loud, theatrical and attention
>attracting.  We would probably, depending upon what we
>get organized, have just what Connor is saying.  A
>"mini tourney" with all the tabards etc. "performing"
>for an audience.

Nods.  We are performing not only at Tablerock but three other Faires this fall, including Ravensloft in Emory this weekend and next, Red River in Muenster the weekend after Tablerock in September, and Ingleside in December.

In speaking with the management of Ravensloft, Tablerock and Red River, I've discovered at least one common thread.  These are fantasy faires.  They aren't overly concerned with "period correctness."

As Tressa aptly put it, they want "dramatic, loud, theatrical and attention attracting."  Which is just what we intend to give them in terms of our performances (Dancing Horses, Crest Combat and Archery).

Looking forward to seeing our Shire family again!

Brightest Blessings,
Bella mka Skye


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