[Tir-Medoin] Update on Christmas Revel and info requested.

Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 15:36:41 PST 2005

Hello everyone,

Here's an updated version of information for the
Christmas Revel.

1.If you are going to be able to come, please post on
the list so we know how many to prepare for. Also, let
us know some idea of what you are bringing.  Current
list is below...

2. The party is in plain clothes.

3.  Please bring your own beverages, alcoholic or

4.  Arrival time is from afternoon onwards, come when
you can.

5.  Information on donating to the trust fund for
Micheal of Langley will be available at the Party.

People who have already RSVP'd and what they are

Cathryn - Soapilla Cheesecake and something undecided.
Tressa - barbecued baby sausages
Walt - "SIAM" (deluxe rice krispy dessert
Meghann & Randall - Tortilla Soup
Trey - Queso Dip
Anna - Veggies and Dip
Kenneth - Chocolate Delight
Alysse - Something main dishy

Hope to see everyone there!

Ever being the secretary,

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