[Tir-Medoin] Inventory Day

Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 06:36:09 PDT 2005

I'd like to second that motion.  Thanks to all who
came out to inventory and stayed through the rainstorm

Isabelot, our Treasurer who came all the way from
Geoffrey, who came from Taylor
Connor, who came early and stayed late, and schleped
things out of the shed and back into it.
Renee, better late than never! :)
Fionn, who helped schlep and make shed floor
Walt, who schleped and made/installed shed floor.

Due to the rainstorm, we had to go back out on Sunday
and correct somethings, but it's done, and it's OVER!


--- Randy Wrinkle <wrinkle at tex1.net> wrote:

> I know Randall and I were not able to come b/c of
> softball with Megs....but I wanted to thank those of
> you who did show up to do the shed
> clean-out/inventory today.
> Thanks for doing that task!
> Meghann>
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