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As of right now I am planning on coming and teaching my classes on Saturday. My work schedule has just been set at 7 p.m. to 4 a.m., night ops on the combat lanes. So I will be able to teach all day and make it back home to work. The classes I have planned are as follows;  
1) Beginning Illumination
    An overview of simple brush and mixing techniques with simple watercolours to use and pages to paint and take with them. Class time: One hour, longer if the space is not needed and the youth wish to continue, I am flexible.
2) Beginning Embroidery
    Simple stitches on a small piece of finished fabric that can be used as a favour or the foundation for a larger piece of work down the road with a handout on further resources for those who wish to pursue it further. As with the Illumination all supplies are provided. Same as above on class runtime.
3) Youth Bardic Class
    We will cover the use of imagination to compose stories, storytelling techniques, how to pick good material. What options are available for bardic performance, i.e.; storytelling, poetry, dance, singing, instruments, etc.  We will also be composing a short piece by using our imaginations to put words to an instrumental piece. Supplies provided and runtime same as above.  
4) If there is time, I would also be able to teach a beginning voice heraldry or Young Consort's class if you need filler classes or interest is expressed. Please let me know what your needs are.
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