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On 5/30/05 I went to the ER with abdominal pain, the types that makes you bend over and cry. Sir Godwin took me as I was visiting in Houston. Everyone thought, and I do mean everyone thought, I had atypical appendicitis.  The ER started an IV site and gave me pain medication. A while later I was given contrast to drink.  I couldn't keep it down; the ER  so kindly placed an NG (nasogastric) tube down my nose and pushed the contrast for me. I had to wait for almost 2 hours to shoot the CT and other scans. The wait for the contrast was so it would go to all the areas that need to be scanned. An IV contrast was also used during the CT of abdominal and pelvis cavity.  The ultrasound showed nothing abnormal. But on the CT scan it showed all the loops demonstrate diffuse wall edema and suggest hypoenhancement and appear tethered to a pointed and whorled configuration -  series 4 images 25. That seems kinda interesting if it wasn't my small bowel they were looking at. I was told I could have more pain medication after my CT scan. But no medication for me I had to wait and be in pain, really I remember very few things during my time in the ER except I was dripping in sweat and I wanted my pain medication. Lissa asked about my pain medication and was told I had to sign consents for surgery. I said "surgery". A general surgeon, Dr. Namman, came in said he need to operate in less than 1 hour and so off to the OR I went with pain medication . A central line was placed in my right jugular.  I had a midline incision from two fingers below my sternum to my pubic symphysis (yes, it is a long incision). When opening the cavity about 500 cc of blood fluid was found. My small bowel was untwisted and a segment of bowel about 2 feet was obviously necroses (dead). I was cleaned out and put back together. All seemed good.  


But . I had general anesthesia and I didn't want to breath after the surgery. I had to be difficult. I was placed on a ventilator and restraints. I did wake up, once that I remember, and kept asking them to take me off the ventilator and take everything out of my mouth and nose and to take the restraints off. Of course, no one understood me and I out for again for hours. I was weaned off the ventilator the next day. I was in ICU for a couple more days. I remember very little from my time in ICU.  The NG tube and Foley came out and I went to the floor.  OF course, I had t be difficult and have N&V for two days when I ate. 

I was released and stayed at Godwin and Lissa's house for a few days while I went to 2 more doctors' appt. to get my staples out. 


Now I am in my own home with 8 more days of antibiotics/anti-infective and pain medication. 

So now everyone can make jokes that I am rotten and difficult. And it will be true. 

Coni jo/Ebby

PS: I really want to thank openly 

Godwin and Lissa for taking me to the ER and letting me stay at their house and watching over me.

Ozy for driving from El Paso to see me in ICU and Aida for the cutest bear in a hospital gown.  

Brent and Linda Hanner for driving from Georgetown to see me in ICU. Thanks Brent for the cutest orange bear, mowing my grass, and being there. 

Chari, Klar, Patty & family, for the beautiful orange roses. Then going to lissa's to give me a pedicure.  

David for the nice hospital visit. 

Malcolm for the beautiful orange roses and the nice visiting.

Tracy for taking care of Daphine and cleaning out her cat box. That is a very importat job . 

I want to thank all the techs/nurses/clerks Kim C , Kim W, Bev, Charlotte, Nights Girls, Edie and  Day Girls for the flower, cards, thoughts, prays, picking up all of my shifts, and the e-mails via the hospital.
Brandy-If you wouldn't of traded call with me - the out come of all of this would of been very different. My doctor even said so. thanks :-)
To everyone else who called, visited,  and worried about me. 

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