[Tir-Medoin] Re: webpage info

Eric Stephan skyeds at tex1.net
Wed May 4 14:45:39 PDT 2005

For the webpage:

Bella L. Peregrina
mka Skye Drake-Stephan
skyeds at tex1.net
512-449-8805 ofc
512-446-0837 home

Sighieri M. Peregrina
mka Eric Stephan

Marco M. Peregrina
mka Marcus Brehm-Stern

Keject Darum Peregrina
mka Chris Swanson (new member)

Elisa, Angella della Morte
mka Christa Bowery (new member)

along with Mirage, Jezebel and Arthur Pendragon, collectively known as the Kumpania Peregrina

Rawk on, Christine!

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