[Tir-Medoin] Youth Academy / Website

Randy Wrinkle wrinkle at tex1.net
Fri May 20 12:55:40 PDT 2005

Andrea...call Jeff and ask him about the 101 class.  I am not sure how it will work without the insurance for the class though.  

I heard a rumor that they will be requiring SCA insurance anytime a horse is present now....so you need to call Duke Patrick Michael and ask him about the insurance.

I don't have his number with me but it is in the Blackstar and if you call me later, I will give it to you.  

Otherwise, I say we just leave you as a merchant like before and as long as you do not promote the SCA in anyway it should be okay like last year..

Actually I forgot Julia is on this list so maybe she can clarify for us.  Julia, last year the insurance people told us we didn't need the insurance b/c she was doing any equestrian activities.  They said that as long as she came as a merchant....she was okay.  Can you let us know?


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