[Tir-Medoin] Web Site Update

Christine Grosvenor rs_teke at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 16:09:39 PDT 2005

Yikes!  Sorry if the page isnt working right for our
more picky and rebellious (smarter?) internet users. 
;)  IE is all I have to test the page with, and the
site was created on Frontpage, so it doesnt really
suprise me if it doesnt get along with other browsers.
 I just didnt think about it.  Is it readable, or do i
need to try to make a pdf version?  (which i'd like to
avoid since i'd have to re-create it from scratch) 
Thanks for the heads up Connor!


--- Connor Ivorson <connor-ivorson at hot.rr.com> wrote:

    Has anyone else seen strange groupings in the
table on the members page?

I am using FireFox.>>

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