[Tir-Medoin] yet another site update

Christine Grosvenor rs_teke at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 17:02:53 PDT 2005

The site has been updated again, isnt that exciting!? 


If you've given me new information for the site since
the last update, OR if you've filled a form for HE
Meghann in the past, please take a look and make sure
everything is correct. Some of the information on the
forms HE was kind enough to pass on to me may be

Also, if you're not listed and would like to be,
please send me an e-mail stateing exactly what
information you are giving me permission to post, and
a statement stateing that i can use it on the site.

And last but not least I wanted to apologize for the
bit of mis-information i've been spreading.  :P (which
has been corrected) Geoffrey is still officially the
Senechal and his sucessor has not been named yet.  I's
not knowing any better!!  *irons her hands*


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