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Greetings Tir Medoin,

I know they're late, but here are the meetings from our last Populace.

They have also been posted to the Shire website (http://tir-medoin.ansteorra.org/pop_minutes.html). 

22 Jan 2007 Populace Minutes, Shire of Tir Medoin

The Shire's Seneschal, Lady Tressa de Crauford (Tracie Lang), started the meeting just after 7:30 PM.

Lady Tressa gave the floor to HE Megan der Krieger (Karen Wrinkle) to discuss Gulf War planning.  Anybody planning to go to Gulf War this year should contact her about camping, etc.  Elise McNevins mentioned that she and her brood were going, but she needed another adult driver to accompany her.  Anybody wanting to carpool and divide driving duties should contact her.

HE Megan continued with the Exchequer's Report, standing in for Lady Isabelot de Forens (Anna Lichorad), who was unable to attend Populace this night.  The Shire currently has more than sufficient funds for Shire operations and two major events.  Contact Lady Isabelot if you need details.  As forecast, Lady Isabelot became the Southern Regional Exchequer at the beginning of this year.  Thomas McNevins (Mike McNevins) has applied to replace her as the shire's Treasurer.  He must still attend a warranting class and be approved by the Regional and Kingdom Exchequers for his application to be completed.

The Shire's Financial Policy was reviewed and approved for another year.  The Shire's budget for this year was also reviewed and approved, after a few modifications.  HE Megan will forward the approved policy and budget to Lady Isabelot, who will forward it to the Kingdom Exchequer.  Contact Lady Isabelot if you require details.

Several members of the Shire's Financial Committee resigned at the beginning of this year due to work schedules, changes in officer positions, etc.  Lord Connor Ivorson (Robert O'Neil) replaces Lady Isabelot.  Lord Alexander of Tir Medoin (Kenneth McClain) replaces Lord Geoffrey Taylor (Jeff Fox).

The Shire's bank signature cards require updating.  Signatories will now be Karen Wrinkle, Tracie Lang, Mike McNevins, Anna Lichorad, and the Kingdom Exchequer.  The change should be completed within a month or so.  Primary signatories will continue to be the Shire's Treasurer and the Seneschal.

The Shire of Shadowlands (Bryan - College Station) has inquired through Lady Isabelot whether we'd be interested in co-hosting a major event with them in early November this year.  After some discussion about what co-hosting an early November event would do for our plans to hold Quest for the Round Table II in October, all present agreed that co-hosting shouldn't have too large an impact since the Shires would be hosting the event for a Kingdom Order, whose members would also be involved in planning and executing the event.  Lady Tressa and HE Megan will contact Lady Isabelot and have her inform Shadowlands that we are interested and to arrange meetings to further discuss the matter.

When asked about Quest for the Round Table II during the above discussion, HE Sir Randal der Krieger (Randy Wrinkle) affirmed that he was looking forward to repeating last year's event.  Lady Tressa then stated that we needed someone to sign up as Autocrat so that we could reserve a date on the Kingdom calendar.  She stated that a bid was needed fairly soon to reserve a good date and to ensure that the Autocrat had sufficient time to plan the event.  Contact Lady Tressa if you are interested in being an Autocrat, Co-autocrat, Feast Steward, etc. for Quest for the Round Table II.

Sir Randal then mentioned that he was working on finding mundane events and festivals at which the Shire could present adult demos to recruit more members.  Several suggestions were made and discussed.  Sir Randal will have more information for us by next Populace.  Contact Sir Randal if you have any suggestions or questions about events, festivals, or prospects where we may do adult demos.

Lady Tressa then announced that her term as Seneschal was up at the end of June, and that she would be officially taking bids for Shire Seneschal as soon as next month's Silver Thistle (the Shire newsletter) officially published the fact.  Contact Lady Tressa if you are interested or desire more detailed information about being our Seneschal, Deputy Seneschal, or any other office.

Discussion next turned to Guild Night -- a subject that has been under discussion for several months at Populace Meetings and on the List.  Based upon everyone's input, it was determined that Fridays were the best night.  Thus, it was decided that the last Friday of each month would be Guild Night.  This ensures that Guild Night always follows each month's Populace Meetings.  It was agreed that Guild Night would rotate between Temple, Taylor, Rockdale, or anywhere within the Shire that anyone who wishes to host the meetings resides.

It was further agreed that, for the present, Guild Nights would not be "themed".  Anyone could bring any artistic endeavor to work upon, discuss, etc.  The purpose of Guild Night, at this time, is to further the Arts and Sciences of the Society within our Shire.  That may change in the future when and if separate Guilds emerge and require their own meetings.  Hosts will need to publish directions, acceptable arts, unacceptable arts, and contact phone numbers by the Populace meeting prior to Guild Night.  Contact the host and inquire if your art isn't listed and you are in doubt as to whether it is acceptable.

All agreed that snacks, finger food, etc. are appropriate and that the host wasn't responsible for feeding the populace, unless they wished to show off their cooking prowess.  Guild Nights are a Bring Your Own affair unless otherwise announced by the host.

Lord Connor volunteered to host the first Guild Night, on February 23rd, in Temple.  The first Guild Night will be a Bring Your Own Snacks Pot Luck affair.  Elise McNevins volunteered to host the next Guild Night, on March 30th, in Taylor.  The April Guild Night is scheduled for April 27th and will be hosted by someone in Rockdale -- HE Megan and Lord Alexander are discussing who should have the honor for hosting the first Rockdale Guild Night.

The last matter discussed was whether there were any objections to publishing our meetings' minutes on the Shire's web site (http://tir-medoin.ansteorra.org/).  All present agreed that there were none, as long as steps were taken to anonymize any personal or private information.

The meeting ended after that discussion and fellowship followed until after 9 PM.

  Connor Ivorson
(aka Robert E. O'Neil)
  "Lamh Dearg Abu"

  Connor Ivorson
(aka Robert E. O'Neil)
  "Lamh Dearg Abu"

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