[Tir-Medoin] A&S Guild Night....

Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 19 07:56:51 PST 2007

Greetings everyone,
  We will be talking about this at Populace, but I thought I'd give everyone another chance to think about it.
  So far, with the input I've received.  Our Guild Night has had recommendations for Friday nights, once or twice a month...  Wednesdays have also been suggested.  It might be possible to alternate...
  Connor has graciously offered to sponsor the first Guild Night at his home.  Let's decide what our opinions are on the subject and voice them at the meeting...and if you can't be at the meeting, you are welcome to post a response to this email.
  The shire members are doing a lot of interesting Arts and Sciences, and I know for one, I'm interested in learning....
  4 of us do brewing of different sources.  A lot of the fighters are interested in learning from each other about armor etc.  Anna and Colin separately are learning to do the Norse metal weaving stuff.  And I know we all get wrapped up in sewing etc.  Anna, Elise and I are interested in Medieval Cooking.
  And the list goes on....there's a lot of things to learn in the shire!
  Thanks for your time,

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