[Tir-Medoin] POPULACE July 16th and Donations needed...

Tressa tressarhiannon at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 09:40:28 PDT 2007

Good afternoonish everyone!
  Populace is on the 3rd Monday of every month.  This month's populace will be on July 16th. Please try to be there as we are gearing up the planning for the event in October and would like to get the word out for projects that will take a little time to make...
  In preparation for the event, I would like to request donations of prizes for the Quest for the Round Table event.  We will need to have treasure like last year for seven Knight's of the Round Table and prizes for Archery and the A&S.
  Prizes could consist of any kind of medieval froo froo that we like in the SCA...trim, fabric, jewelry, soap, art supplies, rattan, bottle of mead or cordial, embroidery supplies, decorative mugs or glasses, daggers, anything that you would like to receive as a prize is good for a prize.  We would like our prizes to be ooo'd and aah'd over and what better to give than the fruits of all of our wonderful creative people in the shire!  If anyone has anything or can make something, please speak up.  I will be making some jewelry to give...and maybe let go of a bottle of cordial or two...

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