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The Viking Slapping Contest
  The hall glowed with the light of candles as the Jarl stood up from his seat at the center of the high table and announced.  “The songs and sagas are excellent, but what we need is a game!”  A chorus of Norsemen raised their goblets and shouted, “A game! A game!”.
  “What game shall we play, sire?” a voice was heard through the din.  
  The Jarl ran his fingers through his blond beard, “Hmmm, let me think
what’s a good game
I know.” He jabbed a finger into the air, “Let’s see what our Texas friends are made of, we will play the slapping game!”
  Within a short amount of time, a line of nobles, young and old, were standing in a line parallel to the dais.  “These are the rules.  The last man standing wins, no man may surrender until he has been slapped at least once.  Begin.”
   The young man at the left end of the line began.  Down the line, each noble was slapped.  When the last man was slapped, he in turned slapped the man who slapped him and it went back down the line. Many were strong and brave, but being a game, there was much joking and dramatics.  The stronger the slaps became, the more men surrendered and marched to the side of the hall to received congratulations from the other nobles for their endurance.
  The crowd in the hall cheered each well placed blow and jeered the misses.  The boards of the tables and floor rang with pounding and stomping.  Shouts of “well done!, crack him! You can do better than that!” were exclaimed as the feasters laughed and threw encouragements.
  Finally, two men still stood, the youngest of the group, a tall, red, smooth faced boy named Eric and a older, swarthy tall bearded noble. They looked at each other for a long moment.  The two men were red faced, exhausted.  They turned to the Jarl, “A tie?” The both asked in one voice.  The Jarl grinned, and nodded. The two men clutched raised hands.  The entire crowded shouted the hall down with cheers and congratulations.  A tie! A noble conclusion.
  The Jarl stood, raised his hands. “ That was good, almost a good as we play in Sweden, our Texas family is strong!  HRAH!”
  Such is the tale of a Viking Invasion, feasting, entertainments and a slapping good time.

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