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i wont be able to.


I support the troops. It's their Boss that scares me.

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We have received the following request, if anyone is planning on going to Coronation please let me know.
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Thank you, Your Excellency!


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I have forwarded this information to the new Seneschal, Lord Alexander of Tir Medoin.


HE Meghann der Krieger

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Subject: Request for Their Highnesses

Unto the Landed Barons and Baronesses and local seneschals of Ansteorra, greetings!

Should this email have found you in error (you have perhaps passed on your office to another), please forward this to the correct person and copy me so I can update my contact list.  I used the addresses listed in the back of the September Black Star to create this address list.

As herald for, and on behalf of, my liege lord and lady, Owen and Genevria, our Crown Prince and Princess, I bear you fair greetings and wishes that all is and remains well in your local lands.

Their Royal Highnesses desire something for their coronation.  They would like to have a banner bearer present to represent each Ansteorran local group, with a banner of each group's arms, at Coronation.   The person does not have to be a herald, but should be prepared (and loud enough) to announce the name of the group whose banner they bear.  TRH would really like to see this happen and have charged me to work with each of you to see if this can be arranged.

Please note that TRH understand that some groups may not be able to have a member of the populace travel to coronation due to distance.  If an actual representative of your group cannot attend, I will be happy to work with you and see if we can arrange to get your banner to someone who can attend and represent you for the Coronation ceremony.

Banners should be of a size that a single person can carry it.

The banner bearers' duties are limited to a small frame of time during Her Highness' actual processional.  Following Her Highness' procession, these banner bearers will be dismissed and their duties will be complete.

I am happy to take any questions, to help make arrangements for a substitute banner bearer if needed, etc.  To reach me, please reply to this address or use "trh-herald at coronet.ansteorra.org".  Please let me know how and if I can help and confirm for me if you assign this role to someone so we know to expect them with your group arms.  Lastly, please include in your reply: 1) Date of elevation to barony; or 2) Official date for the start of your group.

Coronation is November 7 and will be hosted by the Barony of Eldern Hills and the Shire of Brad Leah.  My liege lord and lady hope to see many of you there.


Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Herald to Their Royal Highnesses,
Owen and Genevria,
Crown Prince and Princess, Ansteorra


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