[Tir-Medoin] Website update

Mungentuya TirMedoin mungentuya at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 20:28:39 PST 2010

  I have access to the website so I can start updating it.  Right now I'm only 
updating the officer link and other important links that I come across, so I 
need all current officers and past officers to contact me to tell me what your 
status is so I can add the new officers or put 'open' for offices that have gone 
vacant the last few months.  New officers also need to give me permission to put 
their email addresses online.  All other updates will be done in segments; 
contact me privately if there's anything important that I'm missing.

Also, is anyone interested in working on armor/fighting on Sundays?  I was 
informed two work meetings ago that my Saturdays off will be gone until 
mid-January due to the holidays and inventory, so events and Saturday practices 
will be out for another month and a half.  If not, I'll be going to Emerald Keep 
to get some arrow shooting in.  Let me know!

Lady Mungie


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