[Tir-Medoin] Important....Please Read!

Randy Wrinkle rnkwrinkle at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 6 08:20:47 PST 2011

Some of you may know this, but Julia recently got a call from GW honcho that 
said our numbers have been down and we don't have the required 98 (????) to 
keep that campsite.  We aren't sure what the hell she means by 98 people - 
but Julia has been talking to her for us.  They suggested that we consider 
giving up some of our site to another group looking for permanent land. 
Namron has been looking for a space for about 45.

We all know that you aren't going to fit 98 people on that campsite.  So we 
did explain to them that we have always offered for other people to camp 
with us.  She said that would be a good idea and so Julia talked to Steppes 
who brings about 25.

We aren't sure what is going to happen and I will keep you posted.

What that means is that EVERYONE who has agreed to help keep this site NEEDS 
TO REGISTER for at least the weekend if you aren't going.  We had several of 
us agree to register every year even if we weren't going to keep this site. 
If we don't get a big number registered, we could potentially lose part of 
our site and then we will be sharing and squashed like Ansteorran 

PLEASE do your part and register your agreed number of people for the 
weekend by February 15...the deadline.  Then let me know you registered them 
with your confirmation numbers so I can prove you did if there is a dispute. 
Keep your confirmation printouts.

I know for sure that The Wrinkle 4, plus Chris are going, and Julia & her 
friend are going, and Mungentuya.  I also know that Kanin and his 5 are 

Anna MAY get to go and she IS camping with us....right Julia (jerk that 
belt).  Other maybes have been:

Speedy (Jason)
Mike & Elis Nevins, with Erin

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