WR - Need a ride to Gulf War?

Aaron & Brita Crator at iglobal.net
Mon Feb 23 18:56:38 PST 1998


        We have room for 1-2 person(s) to share a ride to war.  It is on a
first come basis.  The cost is $50 ea., up front, for gas.  You pay for your
own food, site fee, etc.  We are planning on leaving Tuesday (10th) evening,
from Midland, spending the night around Dallas area, and driving the rest of
the way Wednesday morning.  We will be driving straight back Sunday.  If you
are from Abliene (or anywhere else on I-20), we can pick you up on the way,
otherwise, you will have to find a way to Midland.  Please, no excessive
luggage.  You can contact us at (915)520-5218 (best time to call: 9-11pm) or
privately email us at:  crator at iglobal.net


                Brita & Aaron

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