WR - New Folks

Dennis J Dolan djdolan at juno.com
Thu Feb 26 13:32:08 PST 1998

I received the following from Sir Kief and thought that ya'll might know
where he could get a helmet.


Hey bro....a couple of good folk are moving out to Snyder from here in
Fort... They have 3 smalls, two girls and one boy... Angel and Lesa
Gonzales is
there name... They are fairly New Come to the SCA...although Angel alreay
his armor mostly complete... He will be sans helm...I have to get my old
back from him... See if you can assist him if you can....! He and his
Lady are
hard workers and good folks...! She will be a guard at Daniel Unit. Hope
all is
going well for you and your Lady....! Oh...they will be out there by
March 3!


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