Warren T. Klinger bentnose at juno.com
Sat Feb 28 08:55:44 PST 1998

This is an Update to the Demo Announcement that I sent out a week ago. 
The tourney will be a fight til you drop style tournament.  The entry fee
is a can of food or a non-perishable food item for the Abilene Food Bank.
 Walmart would also like us to have a fight a fighter (Knight) type deal
for those who want to give it a try and are willing to sign the waiver. 
There will also be merchant space, the fee for merchants will be $25.00,
but remember merchants this site is in a walmart shopping center located
along a major road here in Abilene.  They would also like us to do
equestrian if possible.  They are completely open to ideas, so if you
have one, let us hear it.  They also want us to do stocks with sponge
balls and water to be thrown at those in the stocks.  Directions to the
site are as follows: Take best route to Abilene.  if I-20, then you can
exit at the ACU exit which should also say Judge Ely Blvd.  The Walmart
is located on Judge Ely Blvd.  If you need better directions you can
e-mail and I will get them to you.  The times will be 10 am til dark and
the contact people are Lady Galiena at (915) 695-8457 and myself at
bentnose at juno.com or (915) 673-6106, leave message and I will get back to
you.  The date once again is May 16th and yes, I know it is against
Squires Invitational and Kingdom Dance, but that is when Wal-mart wanted
to have it.  Again all money raised will be donated to The Children's
Miracle Network Telethon.

In Service to the Kingdom,

Lord Angus Duncan Cameron

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