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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Jun 1 05:00:43 PDT 1998

Good Morning one and all,

  I must apologize to those of you who receive this missive more than
  once. It is being cross-posted to a number of Ansteorran mailing lists
  to try to reach the greatest number of people who can help in this

  After reading through my latest BlackStar I noticed that the A&S issue
  for the BlackStar was still being worked on. I decided to call the
  Honorable Lady in charge of it to see if I could still submit an article
  on beginner brewing/vintning or assist in any other matter. Much to my
  surprise I found out that there was only *one* submission to date. I
  had always thought that this Kingdom was full of great artisans that
  were willing to give back to the community, so this number surprised
  and concerned me greatly.

  I've taken it upon myself to contact the community at large, as well as
  some individuals, regarding this matter to try and get more interest in
  helping get this A&S issue off the ground.

  Please do not assume that someone else is going to write all of the
    articles for the A&S issue of the BlackStar. If everyone does this,
    we have the situation we do now where there is only one submission,
    and I doubt it's big enough for publish a newsletter from.

  Please do not assume that someone else is more qualified to write on
    the subject you are studying for the A&S issue of the BlackStar.
    Although others may study, others do not. As well, your perspective
    or approach may not be the same as everyone else's on the topic.

  Please do not assume. It's nasty what it does to you and me.

  Unfortunately I did not get permission to post HL Darcey's (sp)
  contact information here, so please look it up in the Notes &
  Challenges and get in touch with her with your submission.

In Service to the Kingdom,

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