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Mon Aug 2 11:52:31 PDT 1999


I am very happy to announce that TRM Daffyd and Octavia have signed the
Youth Boffer Rules into Kingdom Law! I wish to thank Their Majesties for the
confidence They have shown in the Youth Program. I am sure Ansteorra will be
better for it.

There have been many questions regarding the Youth Program that I will try
to answer here. If you need to contact me please do at: timden at

Q) "Where can I get a copy of the rules?"
A) The rules will be online at under "Ansteorran Law and
operational handbooks". Please note that the Boffer Rules Ver 4.0 online now
are *NOT* the ones signed into law. A few minor changes were made. The
Offical ones will be put online in the next few days. You will be able to
tell, because it will have TRM's, the Kingdom Seneschal's, and the Earl
Marshall's names at the bottom. The Youth Wavier will also be there.

Q) "What ages are these for again?"
A) For ages 6-15 for Youth Boffer and 16-17 for Youth Chivalric (rattan).
No, The 16-17 year olds do not fight adults in tourneys or melees, only each

Q) "Can my local group hold a children's championship now?"
A) Yes. *BUT* you must have someone there who is an authorized Boffer
marshall, and have the children authorized before they fight in tourneys.

Q) "I'm my local group's knight marshal. Can I get a copy of the rules and
use them to train kids at fighter practice?"
A) No. You must be specifically authorized to marshal boffer to train kids.
Getting a set of the rules and studying them is a good idea.

Q) "How can I become an authorized boffer marshall?"
A) Take the class from a Boffer Marshall and learn the rules just like the
Adult stuff.

Q) "How can I get my child authorized?"
A) Take the pre-authorization class with your child, and have them practice
until they are safe.

Q) "Where are these classes going to be held?"
A) They can be given at events or practices, or wherever is conveniant. Over
the fall season I'm sure many classes will be held at many different events.

Q) "Who do I talk to now about holding a class at my local groups fighter
practice or authorizing children?"
A) You can contact me, or your Region's Youth Boffer Marshall.

The Regionals are : 
Coastal- Sir William of Weir  (wweir at
Central- Cent. Romanius (rrhms at
Northern- Master Tarl Godric the Brokentoe ( address???)
Western- Baron Vallust Ballstene (rlportwood at

Other at-large marshalls include Sir Kief of Kierstead, Sir Galen of
Bristol, and Centurion Mu.

Q) "How long is it going to take to get this info to every group in the
A) The Rules will be printed shortly in the Blackstar (as required for new
Kingdom Law). Getting a marshallate structure in place so everyone can play
will take a few months. Please be patient.

Q) "Can't we play with these rules in my backyard?"
A) These rules apply to Offical SCA practices and events. What you do in
your own backyard is your own business.

Q)"How can I apply to be my local group's Boffer marshall?"
A) Same as any office. Send a copy of your Membership card and a letter
stating your qualifications to your regional (or to myself, for now). I've
had alot of offers to help out, but very few written apps in yet.

Q) "Can the kids do Combat Archery/Seige weapons?"
A) At this time, no. If you wish to write up proposed rules for the
inclusions of these activities, please do, but we will not be considering
adding these activites for awhile,  pending getting all the bugs worked out
of this program first.

Q)"What about Youth Rapier?"
A) Contact the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshall, Ld. Pieter LaRauch at
 CADET1313 at

Q) "Whats the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
A) What do you mean? An African or a European swallow?

I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to get this program off
the ground. Sir Dieterich von Eltz, Sir Kief, Sir William of Weir, Baron
Duncan, Duchess Larissa, Ld Pieter, Mistress Atheleyn, Don Jeremy, and
everyone else who took the time to give me suggestions and feedback.

I'd also like to thank my lady Allyson, and my kids Lexi and Niko, for being
such willing test subjects. :)

Sir Timo
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