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Fri Aug 6 17:20:22 PDT 1999

For All those light weapons fighters who are interested in fighting tomorrow 
at Steppes Artisan. 

From:   Wayne Ross [mailto:wayner at]
Sent:   Friday, August 06, 1999 1:49 PM
To: Laura Feldner
Subject:    Re: Steppes Champion

Hi Layla, sorry for the delay in response, but I have been out of town for a
Armor inspection will be from 8 til 9, and the list will start at 9.
See you there.

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From:   Laura Feldner <layla at>
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Sent:   Sunday, August 02, 1998 11:48 PM
Subject:    Steppes Champion

> Hi Duncan,
> I know that the site for Artisan is supposed to open at 9 am. Do you
> to know what time armor inspection will begin for Steppes Champion
> tournament?
> Also I wanted to mention that House bloodstone will be sponsoring heavy
> light weapons scenarios at the Fall Court/End of the World event in
> I will get with you sometime soon and coordinate this endeavor  with you
> with regards to marshalling and armor inspection for that event. Thanks!
> you at Artisan!
> Layla
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