WR - New Lurker

Paul and Trixie DeLisle ferret at camalott.com
Wed Aug 11 11:06:20 PDT 1999

> > Don't let him fool you.  He doesn't have to remember.
> > He's got this huge binder with the words.  He does
> > have to have a little light at times though.
> > Ryah

> Then I would guess he's a bard. I've been with simone to a Bardic Nite and
> many there had big binders. I asked Simone were her's was she said At Home
> it's too hevey to carry. Are all bards like that?  I can say for my first
> experiance among a lot of bards I loved all the songs and stories

*sigh*...no, I'm afraid the *real* Bards don't need big notebooks, they

(This one's for you, Ragnar...what are the stories like in Valhalla?)

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