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Lord Kainin Tepésa kainin at copycraft.com
Thu Aug 12 14:40:17 PDT 1999

>Welcome!  Will you introduce yourself?

I am Lord Kainin Tepesa of Bonwicke.
I am the chronicler of my fair Barony (never mind sending me those links
Your Excellency I found it :-) ).
I am head of the House Scarlet Phoenix.
I am a member of the Cranes.
I am an archer.
I am the one true love of Lady Oriana Francesco and she is mine.
I have been in the SCA for 11 years (but as a lurker until just recently).
Most of you probably know me as the big guy with the long hair and beard
that hangs around Lord Jasper.
I am glad to be here.
I hope that helps :-).

					aka Wes Hanna

In service to the Dream,

Lord Kainin Tepesa
Chronicler to the Barony of Bonwicke
    in the Kingdom of Ansteorra

kainin at copycraft.com

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