ANST-Announce - Kingdom Dance Academy European dance classes

Charlene Charette charlene at
Thu Aug 12 23:14:28 PDT 1999

Here is the list of European dance classes being offered at Kingdom
Dance Academy:

Beginning ECD (Gathering Peascods, Hit or Miss, Heartease, Heralds in
Love); Arianwyn

Teaching Dance roundtable; Madame Perronnelle Charrette

16th Century Italian (Spagnolleto); Elin the Timid

Beginning Branles; Lord Kovac Mikael

Intermediate ECD (Trenchmore, Nonesuch, Goddesses); Arianwyn

Beginning 15th C Italian (Petit Vriens, Amoroso, Rostiboli); Madame
Perronnelle Charrette

Advanced ECD (Picking of Sticks, Whirligig); Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna

Beginning Almans (Old, New, Lorayne, Black); Lady Suzanne de la Ferté

Beginning/Intermediate Pavans (Carolingian, Figured, Jouyssance); Lady
Catarina Futzinni

Intermediate 15th C Italian (Belfiore, Vita di Cholino, Voltati in ca
Rosina); Lord Philip White

Intermediate Saltarello (Prendente in Giro); Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna

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