WR - Chirurgeon

Connie Fielder eleanor34 at webtv.net
Mon Aug 16 14:06:16 PDT 1999

   Hi folks!  We're in sore need of a chirurgeon for Gothic! If one has
been certified through Kingdom Chirurgeon, HLy Ebergardis von Zell, your
help is greatly needed and would be highly appreciated!
   Also, contributions to the war chest are most welcomed! Please bring
a goodie you yourself would like to receive and leave it at
gate....again, your generosity is appreciated!
    For those wishing to do a little guard duty or gate registration,
there will be a sign-up sheet at gate.
   And finally, please come prepared for the heat and the sun!  Bring
extra shade and lots of water and sunscreen....the little store just
past the park will be the closest place to get ice ($1.35 a bag), sodas,
and snacks. Ld Harold will also have his tavern set up for some good
eats, and Crossrode Keep is looking into having a snowcone stand....
    Come and make memories at your Gothic War VIII !!!  
Eleanor @-->->---

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