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Lael Portwood rlportwood at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 18 16:45:37 PDT 1999

We had such a great time at your Yule Revel even though we found out the true
nature of Baron Sinclair (for those of you who weren't there, they performed a
murder mystery).  Therefore, we will do all we can to be at All Hallow's Eve.
It sounds like a lot of fun.

Vallust et Ascelyn de Bonwicke

Thomas Jenkins wrote:

> Greetings unto one and all...
> It is a time of revel... A time to remember the foes and friends that have
> long since past... A time to be wrapped in the darkness of night, with it's
> close embrace... A time to celebrate those who have passed, and those who
> remain...
> Crossrode Keep's "All Hallows Eve" approaches at a quickening pace, and all
> who have not yet made plans to attend this event should probably smack
> themselves and get it in gear.
> Events have been planned to entertain all who attend, regardless of age or
> religion. There will be trick-or-treating for the children, a bardic based
> on middle-age ghost stories (come on, Don Alden... I know you have a few
> creeping within the pages of you books), as well as a bonfire gathering
> where we shall laugh, be merry (or Mary, whichever you prefer), and have an
> all around good time.
> Feast will be served, and the culinary talents of Lord Stephen Blackthorne
> promises to please even the most critical appetite.
> The event will be held at the Watervalley site, and those not familiar with
> it can contact me.There will be a lot more detail in the coming Blackstar.
> If you plan to attend, please send forward notice to my email address. I
> will try to reserve camping spaces for groups that wish to be close to one
> another, but my planning is only as good as the information I receive.
> I hope to see everyone from the Western Region there... who knows what
> surprises wait?
> In Service,
> Logan Macleod
> Autocrat
> "Do, or do not. There is no try..."     -Yoda
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