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Thu Aug 19 14:02:08 PDT 1999

Greetings unto the populace of the western region,
     I will be moving to the great barony of the Steppes at the end of the 
For the time being, I am having Lord Marquet de la Heyt as my "drop dead"
regional marshal. He has done a wonderful job as my deputy and I know he will
keep thing in order while a new marshal is being considered.
 If any one who is a carded rapier marshal, current member of the S.C.A., and 
wishes to apply for the new regional rapier marshal, please do so. All
applications need to be sent to H.E. Don Kazamir, Kingdom Rapier Marshal. You
can find his address in the back of the Black Star. He will be taking
applications until the end of October. This is due to the fact that this
announcement will not be in the Black Star until the October issue.
 I would also like to thank the newest members of the Marshalet in the
western region, Lord Larkin and Milord Timus, both new local marshals of 
Tralac and Mendersham. They have taken on and kept alive the enthusiasm of
the rapier spirit in those shires. Vivat!
 With true esteem to this region, and fond remembrances I say," In Service,"
 Don Eisen Kringer von Tauberbischofsheim
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