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Connie Fielder eleanor34 at webtv.net
Mon Aug 23 15:56:01 PDT 1999

   Herr Erasmus Totengraber, squire to Sir Max, will be our
Chirurgeon-in-Charge for Gothic.  Many thanks, Ozzy!!!  ; ) 

In addition, those wishing to post an activity on the existing schedule
need to let me know by Thursday..... below is the schedule as it stands
today, Monday Aug. 23rd. 

Friday- gate registration opens at 4:00 pm.
Set-up and roping off will take place all day.

7:00 am- wake-up call

8:00 am-  Rapier Armor Inspection
                 Chivalric Armor Inspection
8:30 am- Opening Court

9:00 am- WR Rapier Defender Tournament
                Chivalric Snowball Tournament 

10:30 am- Rapier Tournament for New Fighters
                  ( those who have fought less than 
                     1 year)

11:00 am- Chivalric Melee Tournament
12:30 pm- Rapier Roman Coliseum

1:00 pm- Youth Rapier Marshalling Class- 
                 Ld Marquet de la Heyt
                Youth Chivalric MarshallingClass-
                 H.E. Vallust Balstene

1:00-4:00 pm- Lunch Break, nap, etc... 1:00-4:00 pm- MoC Activities

4:00 pm- Archery Shoot

Evening Court- At Their Majesties' wish
Bardic Competition to follow court


7:00 am- Wake-up call

8:00 am- Rapier Melee Tactics Class- Ld
Marquet de la Heyt, cadet to Don                        Donavon

9:00 am- Rapier Armor Inspection   
                Chivalric Armor Inspection

10:00 am- Rapier Melee Tournament
                 Chivalric Defender 
Barrier Battle, sponsered by Herr Erasmus Totengraber, to follow
Chivalric Defender

1:00-4:00 pm- MoC Activities
Closing Court- at Their Majesties' wish

Monday---take down, pick up, and see you again next year!!!!!  

In service,

HLy Eleanor de Broke @-->->---  

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