WR - Western Regional Warlord Competition

Tiffany M Geisendorff thebrutely1 at juno.com
Tue Aug 24 19:27:40 PDT 1999

Attention all chivalric fighters of the Western Regional!

	Saturday afternoon at Gothic Wars, I will put my Western Regional
Warlord title on the line.  
	To qualify to be the WRW, you must be from our region and be able to
attend Gulf Wars.  If you meet these two requirements, all you need to do
to enter is get two fighters to follow you, in a three men team scenario.
 The members of the team do not have to be from the Western Region and
only one Knight per team.  Depending on the number of teams, I'm planning
on a round-robin format.  Then, the two captains with the best records
will compete against each other in a best 2 out 3 big melee.

Anyone with questions regarding the position or if you would like to
notify me about your intentions to enter, please contact me at
thebrutely1 at juno.com.

Thank you,
Lady Brita mac Gregor
Western Regional Warlord
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