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Tiffany M Geisendorff thebrutely1 at juno.com
Wed Aug 25 21:23:19 PDT 1999

HL Adelaide asked:

>Tell us how was Pennsic? Was it everything you imagined?

	Pennsic was pretty much everything I'd heard it to be.  From the most
splendid beauty and pageantry (which was mastered by our very own Queen)
to the most unspeakable non-SCA displays, it was an unforgettable
experience.  Thanks to Erazmus, Magedlina, and Jonathan, not only was I
able to get there, but our Western Region was well represented.  There
were battles every day and fun both on and off the field.
	The best moment for me was the 2hr Woods Battle (something we don't get
much around here ;-)  I was proud to be apart of an amazing unit of about
20 Ansteorrans who, with about 10 Con. Fed. troops, wiped out an entire
unit of over 100 men, in a flanking maneuver than was incredible!
	I also fought in the Ladies Roman Grand Melees.  I won one of them, and
came in third and fourth in two others.  When I came in 4th, I was taken
out by the team of three fighters as I was legging one of them.  
	There were parties every night and of course, our Ansteorran chili
night.  I also danced at the ball with Pug.
	Pennsic was very unique, but I believe Gulf Wars is far better.  To
fight for another Kingdom is great, but to fight for your own kingdom is
a joy that can't compare.
There are pictures on Armand's web site:


So, go check it out and I'll get mine developed as soon as I can.
I'm glad to be home and even happier that Gothic War is only 2 hrs away,
not 30!
See everyone at Gothic!!

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