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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Feb 3 16:15:26 PST 1999

                        This is the final reminder.

                        Candlemas is this weekend!

                               Be there!


              Calling all Brewers, Vintners and Cordialers
                      of the Kingdom of Ansteorra

          The Brewers' Guild of Bryn Gwlad invites one and all to
          participate in a wonderous competition to be held at the
              Candlemas celebration occurring on February 6th.
        This competition has separate categories for beer/ale, meads,
        wines and cordials. As well, there will be special prizes for
            new brewers, new wine/mead and best period adaptation.

           The overall winner of the competition shall be the proud
           owner of their very own fruit press to help them continue
                    and expand their endeavors in the Art.

               For more information, please check the website at:
         which will be updated as the rules and guidelines are updated.
           If you wish to donate prizes for our fine artisans, please
                          contact Phelim "Pug" Gervase
                        at pug at pug.net or (512) 323-9722.


Prizes include:

Wooden fruit press
50 lbs of honey
5 gallon barrel
Mugs and Jacks
and more

Important notes:

1) The entries will not be anonymous. Due to failure of time on my part,
   the anonymous test case will not happen. It will happen at a future

2) You may enter all four categories, with no more than 2 entries per

3) Sign up and setup is currently scheduled to start at 11 AM. Judging
   will start at 1 PM.

4) Judging will be done by 2 committees. The more judges the better.

   If you ever wanted to try judging, this is a good time to learn since
   others will be commenting and assisting. As well, there will be people
   to ask questions of.

5) The "guidelines" being used for judging can be found at:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

In Service,

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